Why Strengthen Your Muscles?

Why Strengthen Your Muscles?

Is telling you that strengthening your muscles will make your heart strong, will improve your balance and posture, strengthen your bones no matter what your age, and help you lose weight all a bit too much? You think we are only saying things that you want to hear? Surprisingly no. All this is actually the benefits of doing resistance training or in layman’s terms – strengthening your muscles.

Great posture means confidence.

No matter what your height, you WILL stand tall. You will look and feel great. That is the posture of a confident successful person who has their life together. And strengthening your core helps you do just that. You are confident about your body, and naturally it starts to translate into all aspects of your life. A slumped posture is the classic sign of weakness, and in some cases back pain. True that right?

Back Pains Be Gone!

One of the worst side effects of our uber tech friendly lifestyle is the lack of activity, leading to overall weakening of muscles. One of the first to feel the impact is our back, upper and lower. How many times have you had to relax the muscles in the upper back or even shoulder area? How many times have you felt the urge to just lie down in a straight position or stretch just to relieve those lower back muscles? Start strengthening exercises and watch these irksome pains leaving you slowly, but permanently.

Flat Stomach? Yes Please.

Flat stomach doesn’t happen overnight, and when you are pushing yourself to do more abs exercise, your body does not approve. It needs strong muscles to be able to bear the strain. Start your strengthening today to be able to have the body that supports your drive.

ANY physical activity. Yes Any.

Playing a game or having a strenuous workout, stamina comes only with a strong core, and your heart can keep up the whole time, only if you strengthen your core.

Added Bonus: No Gym? No Worry!

Who says you need to join a gym to start doing resistance training? You can do them right at home, well more reason to get this show on the road!

Oh but how to do resistance training right? Coming up in the next blog.

For more information: info@makemyworkout.com

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